Bearnaby the Great

It seems only fitting that the first post on our family blog should be to introduce our newest family member. We adopted our sweet Goldendoodle, Bear, on July 25th from the Central Oklahoma Humane Society


I (Cara) had been watching their website for a few weeks…trolling and looking for a poodle mix. I knew better than to expect those breeds to show up often, but after a month of keeping my eyes peeled I spotted Bear. The day we went to meet him two other ladies come in the door just seconds behind us…but we had first dibs! We waited about 2 hours for him to arrive, playing with several other fun pups and watching them be adopted. Such fun! Once we laid eyes on Bear we knew he was meant to be our first dog.


Bear is 6 years old, mostly trained and hilarious. He will not have it when we are in separate rooms and herds us together if we’ll let him. He loves running, jumping, playing with his rope and belly scratches. He keeps us pretty entertained and keeps me good company when Matt is away for storms.

We love our sweet Bearnaby!